Simple Spirit Intuitive Living Library

Trust Your Intuition. Transform Your Life.



The Intuitive Living Library is an online collection of resources that represents the best of what Shoshanna French has learned and then used with clients for the last 26 years. It includes not only her favorite meditations but also recorded energy clearings, courses, and practices with new items added monthly.


The Library would be a good fit for you if you...


...want to deepen your connection with your intuitive abilities in a self-study environment. having access to immediate resources and support for energy clearing and spiritual development without having to book with a practitioner/teacher.


...are looking for a community of like-minded spiritual explorers off of social media platforms.


The Living Intuitively Library is designed to both provide a place to find community and support while also giving you resources to explore spiritual tools and ways to develop your intuition. As you practice using the offered resources, our hope is that you take all you learn and apply spirituality in a way that fits you best, so you can develop your inner knowing and be led by its guidance in all areas of your life. 


The Intuitive Living Library is a monthly subscription. You have access to the library the moment you sign up.

What's Included

If you are curious what resources the library holds, there are tools that fall within four categories: Energy Work, Meditations, Spiritual Practices and Courses. We will be adding items to the library every month with the intention to offer resources for wherever you are on your journey.


Examples of what is already included in the library:


    Cord Cutting [audio recording] - Cord cutting is an energetic tool I use with clients regularly. When we have energetic cords with others, it creates a lack of boundaries energetically that can show up as physical discomfort, roller coaster emotions or persistent negative thought patterns (or all three). When you release those cords, your mind quiets, your body relaxes, and your emotions calm down.


    Relationship Releasing Ceremony - Ceremonies can help us bring in new opportunities or release things that don’t serve us. The relationship releasing ceremony is a practice to help you energetically release a past relationship whether you broke it off or someone ended things with you.  It uses combined prayer, candles, and meditation to help you let go.


    Golden Sun Meditation - My favorite style of meditation is guided visual. Some of my meditations are downloads from my intuition and some are adapted from meditations I have tried. The Golden Sun meditation is an adaptation from one I learned years ago. It is great for releasing stresses of the day and coming fully back to yourself. It is simple and very powerful.



    Ditch the Book and Love Your Cards Tarot Class - If you have wanted to learn Tarot, but find the complex images and symbols a bit intimidating to understand, then you are going to love this class. Watching this 90-minute class will teach you how to intuitively read Tarot to provide insight and guidance for yourself in all areas of life.