Intuitive Entrepreneur: Open Training


For a decade, Shoshanna has been teaching business owners how to utilize intuition in decision making for business growth, watching as intuition gives them access to gaining momentum in business growth while they.  Please join Shoshanna for the Intuitive Entrepreneur Open Training session where she will share the tools that have helped her clients transform their businesses and their lives.


Curious how intuition could transform your business and transform your life? Join in!


July's Topic:


Intuitive Decision Making:

How to harness your inspired ideas so you trust yourself and grow your business with ease



Some of the decisions we make in our businesses are really simple. However, there are some decisions we need to make that are really important. Ever notice how when those big decisions come up the likelihood of second guessing and doubting yourself suddenly increases.  How can you not only increase trust but also avoid costly mistakes when making those kinds of big decisions? It isn’t combing through more data or asking more experts for advice. “I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of data.” Richard Branson


Consider that intuition is the toll that can give you direct access to the information, insight, and inspiration you need to trust yourself and grow your business with ease.