Simple Spirit Intuitive Entrepreneur Program


The thing that intuitive entrepreneurs have in common is their ability to move towards their vision in a clear and decisive way - learning to cut through indecision, overcome doubt, and fulfill their mission. 


Being a business owner requires managing many moving parts like taking care of existing clients, finding new ones, and tracking the “back end” of the business including revenue and expenses. You are making 100’s of decisions all day everyday. Asking things like:


  • Do I have a good enough marketing strategy in this current market? 
  • Do I make more videos or do bold images work better for my social media?
  • Is it time for me to have a referral program?  Or an affiliate one?
  • Do I hire more people or at this moment it is better to decrease overhead and simplify?
  • Do I accept this client even though they already seem challenging?  
  • Do I have too many offerings or not enough?
  • Do I adjust pricing?
  • Do I change my website?
  • And on and on...


These are just some of the considerations you are in as an entrepreneur.



Once you have a goal in mind, you then likely begin to search out proven systems or experts or technology solutions to help support the growth you want in your business. 


You have likely noticed the common dilemma. There is a lot of information to weed through. There are books, podcasts, Youtube channels, Social Media accounts, coaches, and a whole plethora of programs you could take. Plus the potentially conflicting opinions of colleagues, family, and trusted advisors who also want to support your goals.



How do you determine if focusing on that area of your business will net the growth you really want? 

How do you choose which tools or experts to utilize? 

How do you leverage your resources for the best possible outcome?


Ultimately, being able to make effective and successful decisions in your business is essential to its continued success. Especially when things change in the market or when what you enjoy changes or even when your team changes quickly.


It is useful to recognize there are really two parts of doing your business. 

  • There is doing the thing you do best. What you created a business doing. Providing service for your customers and clients. Rocking your genius.

  • Then there is successfully growing a business.


Intuition as a tool can help you in navigating the decision making process in business.




Intuition as a tool can help you in navigating the decision making process in business. It can help you hone in on your intuition and weed out the noise from:


  • Multitude of perspectives from experts

  • Business partners that have different points of view

  • Any limiting beliefs about yourself

  • Desires and opinions from Friends, family, or spouse


I have been helping Entrepreneurs to grow their business for years including my own. Here are three case studies from 3 different business models and industries.

Case Study #1 - B2B Technology Business

  • Kate M. - Owner of Template Based Website Company

  • Problem - Quick growth in her company over 6 months her team grew from 4 employees to 40 employees. Her old way of tracking work getting done and supporting employees was to have a daily meeting with each person. It worked great with a small team but was not possible with the new team size.

  • Intuition Solution - Using intuition, she didn’t require person to person communication. Instead intuition could help her view her company from a broader perspective. Her practice became to intuitively check in with the business each morning. She would ask “where does my business need my attention today?”

  • Business Growth Caused by Applying Intuition - She tapped into the business one morning. It led her to follow up with an employee overseas. After some due diligence with the manager, they were able to stop a data leak being caused by the employee. She would have never caught it in time had it not been for her intuition giving her the heads up. Additionally when she got ready to sell the business 3 years later, her intuition led her to the best buyer.

Case Study #2 - Physical Product Business

  • William I. - Owner of a Condiment Company

  • Problem - Slow growth in achieving his goal of national market exposure. People in the industry were split as well. The experts said only a lucky few got picked up because either a food distributor like Shamrock or Systco liked it OR a local grocery chain felt like their shoppers would love it. Either way his sauce had to compete against the bigger national brands that had big marketing budgets and years of customer loyalty. A hard uphill battle that he had already spent doing for 3 years. 

  • Intuition Solution - Intuitively he tapped into both the advice he had gotten and whether his dreams were possible or not. First, his intuition knew that the advice he had gotten didn’t fit his brand or desired business model. Second he got that intuitive truth that his dreams would happen. Then he tapped into his own business. Intuitively, he was inspired to connect with the Armed Forces. Thinking about the relationships he had already, he realized that he knew a Master Chief of the US navy.

  • Business Growth Caused by Applying Intuition - He shared his sauce with the Master Chief who loved it. She loved the flavor of the sauce and the story of the recipe. It took 18 months and lots of hoops, but he was able to become an offered product available for purchase by the Armed Forces. You can now find packets and bottles of his sauce in commissaries at Naval Bases world wide. Additionally now that he was in the catalog of the distribution company, he could have lovers of his sauce call their local grocery stores and request to have some on the shelves exposing him to national distribution..

Case Study #3 - Service Based Business

  • Jennifer C. - Executive Coach, Speaker, Author, and Corporate Leadership Trainer

  • Problem - Her business focus had been one on one executive coaching for a number of years. She was enjoying it a lot, but 1:1 coaching wasn't providing the financial growth and stability that she wanted overall. Based on some course work she had done, advice from a colleague, and work with a business strategist, she developed some online courses, increased her 1:1 pricing, and developed a group program. Each option had provided more income, but it also created more work. She really wanted her business to make more income so she could hire more support staff.

  • Intuition Solution -  Using the practice of tapping into her business, she asked “what kind of work could I do that would take less time, have a greater impact, and make more income?” The immediate answer was the face of a long time friend popping into her head. Jennifer remembered that Ilene was providing corporate leadership training for Medium to Large sized companies. Jennifer knew what to do. Combining her expertise in communication, integrity, and developing successful teams with her years of experience in coaching and facilitation, she designed a special training for Medium size business executive teams.

  • Business Growth Caused by Applying Intuition - The new offer allowed her to make more income and have an exponential impact on company culture for 1,000 of employees. Additionally, she was able to cultivate great relationships that helped further her speaking career and find executives who needed her new higher price point 1:1 offerings. The unexpected best outcome of her new business offering was the financial stability it created for her. For the first time in her business, she has planned an entire month off of her business to rest, see family, and play.

The intuitive training that each of these business owners received in our work together helped them to tap directly into the best path for their business. Intuition is designed to give us great insight, understanding, and deeper trust in our ability to succeed in all areas of life. I have seen intuition provide long term growth for businesses of all different sizes, but I love helping small business owners apply intuition as a tool to have business success on their own terms. If after reading these case studies, you are curious to see how intuition could support the kind of business growth you truly desire, please apply for the program here.

How the process works:

  • You schedule a Discovery Call
  • We have the call:
    • During the call, I will be listening to determine if the program is a good fit for you, your goals, and your business and if you are a good fit for the Intuitive Entrepreneur and its design.
    • During the call, you can ask all questions you have about the design of the course, my experience, and what you could expect to get from the course.
  • If we determine the program is a good fit, I will then extend an invitation for you to register for the course.